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Welcome to Smart Energy Living

At MCH Solar solutions we offer a state-of-the-art, market-leading solar panel system called SolarEdge. SolarEdge puts you in control of your energy future. This personal, 24-hour home energy ecosystem is designed to adapt to your family, needs, preferences, and lifestyle. It perfectly aligns your solar energy usage with your energy production.

Game-changing technology

What makes the SolarEdge unique is its modular system. It’s designed around your home, your energy consumption and location. The modular system means that if your energy consumption increases you can simply add more panels and increase the solar energy you produce. Perfect for growing families, electric car owners, home offices and multi-device homes.

Why choose

  • Modular solar system that can grow as your energy usage grows.
  • Each SolarEdge panel works independently, which means shading, dirt or leaves on a single panel, will not impact the entire system’s performance.
  • It’s one of the safest systems on the market.
  • We can pinpoint any panel failures and in most cases repair those remotely.
  • It’s the only system that includes a panel-level cloud-based monitoring platform.
  • Monitor from your mobile phone.
  • Comes with a standard warranty of 12 years, but can be extended to 25 years.

One call, one provider, one warranty, one software suite – one solution!

What makes SolarEdge unique is our inverter and power optimisers are a game changer in how solar energy power is managed and harvested. A future-ready system, SolarEdge is unique in its optimisation of power generation, while using similar installation methods as traditional solar panel systems, which makes it.

The science bit…

Our inverter and power optimisers were the game changer in how solar energy power is managed and harvested. Discover more about our Power Optimisers and Per-module Maximum Power Point Tracking, which makes SolarEdge a state-of-the art system.

Find out if SolarEdge is right for your home

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