Produce more, use more, save more

We specialise in solar panels which transform your home into a hub of clean, renewable energy. Our team of solar panel experts are dedicated to providing you with tailored solutions to fit with your home and budget.

We listen and take into account factors such as location, sunlight accessibility, energy consumption and lifestyle, to design solar systems that cater specifically to your needs.

Why should you make the change to solar?

Cut your
energy bills

Reduce your carbon footprint

Individually customised design

Low maintenance. We will monitor it for you!

What makes us unique is our revolutionary design service. We begin by analysing your monthly consumption data and leverage cutting-edge technology, including Google Maps, to create precise 3D models of your home. Thanks to these models, we can pinpoint the ideal placement for your solar panels, maximising their exposure to the sun’s rays. We understand that even the slightest shading can impact your energy savings significantly, which is why we meticulously look for any potential obstructions such as trees, neighbouring properties and chimneys. Our exclusive software enables us to identify and avoid these shadowing effects, guaranteeing that your solar panels operate at their full potential.

With our expert guidance, rest assured that you’ll be making the most of your investment and enjoy the savings you’ll make on your electricity bill! We also supply and install batteries, where you can store your unused energy. On days when your system doesn’t produce as much power as usual, you can take the power from your battery instead of the grid, giving you more control over how you use your energy and where your excess goes. Get in touch for a personalised solar solution that will revolutionise the way you power your home.

Customised solar solutions designed to suit your needs

Solar panel packages

We also offer other solar panel systems, including SolaX and AlphaESS. These are ideally designed for low energy consumption homes, for example, where you only have two people living together and fewer electrical devices than the average home.

Solar Edge

We are Central Scotland’s only supplier of SolarEdge, a state of the art solar panel system that uses game-changing technology, which means you can produce more electricity and save more money.


By adding batteries to your solar panel system you’ll be able to store excess energy, significantly reduce your reliance on the grid. This gives you lower electricity bills and a reduced carbon footprint.